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tomato food timer


A tomato-shaped kitchen timer is a great productivity tool. This can also link to physical health. Working from home can be way more sedentary, so use the 5 minute breaks to get up and have a walk. If you monitor step count, then try to keep this at the same level as when in the office. This will benefit mental and physical health too:

A useful tool for blocking distractions during working hours. If you’re sitting where you would normally be looking extensively at Social media during your down time, the temptation may be strong when you should be working. This will stop you from looking at sites you know will hamper your productivity. 


We’re sure you’ve got loads of great suggestions on how to create and maintain focus. Please let us know via that comments below!

Image: By The original uploader was Erato at Italian Wikinews. – Transferred from it.wikinews to Commons by Fale using CommonsHelper., CC BY-SA 3.0,

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