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Think about when you will use video on calls.  Have you got a suitable camera and will you wear different clothes when talking to customers as opposed to colleagues? And what’s in the background – will it be an unnecessary distraction for whoever you’re talking to? (Some tools offer the capability to blur the background on video calls).

Whilst video can help with non-verbal communication in conversations, remember that not everyone has a suitable connection (see the post here on Conectivity) and it may be necessary to switch it off to save bandwidth, especially with the increased load on broadband infrastructure.

Even if you don’t use video, how will you manage audio? Video is not always necessary but a good headset often is, particularly if your workspace has lots of hard surfaces.

When taking part in online meetings, how will you take notes? If you have a single (or low-resolution) screen you might not be able to use your computer to type up notes while you’re in that meeting.  Ask if you can record the meeting – most online meeting tools have this capability but sometimes only the organiser can do this. Some meeting tools have the ability to provide a digital whiteboard, or even a dedicated area for meeting notes.

We’re sure you have lots of tips & tricks to run meetings on-line. Please use the comments here to let us know your favourites!

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