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Keeping set work hours (and sticking to them) as well as adding these to your email signature can help you to differentiate between work time and home time. 

Depending on the culture of your organisation, you may find that people’s expectations of a response vary (there’s a whole section on the Cultural implications of remote working in this website). 

Shared calendars are often a huge benefit to remote teams to see others’ availability. Google Calendar, and Microsoft Outlook are commonly used but even a spreadsheet can work at a pinch. Some organisations may use tools like Zapier to update employee’s Slack status based on Google Calendar entries and then report in Hubstaff. Other platforms may have close integration built in (Microsoft Teams automatically integrates with Exchange calendars, for example).

Manage expectations regarding your availability to “just pick the kids up” etc. when working from home. Focus is a valuable thing but then so is the flexibility of being at home.

Remember to get up, move, walk around and not be chained to the desk for the entire duration of the working day. It’s very easy to get sucked in to being more sedentary than usual as your working life and connections are all online. Consider using your (former) commuting time as exercise time, preferably in the fresh air. Working at home, you will take far fewer steps than you would travelling to work, in the office, or dashing out for a sandwich at lunchtime. A walk/bike ride/run or whatever exercise you enjoy also “bookends” the working day effectively, helping to provide a mental separation between home life and work life.

It could be helpful to set your workflow to suit your productivity. This could be through prioritising your best tasks for when you are most productive. This article is quite helpful: It may also be good to pencil in activities you cannot miss such as collaborative work or meetings, or even a scheduled walk to get you up and going in the mornings, and as a way to give some structure to your day.

We’re sure you’ve got loads of great tips, please feel free to use the comments below to let us know!

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