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So now you’re all working remotely and you’v got through the first few days of acclimitisation your thoughts are probably moving beyond the question of “can people work?” to a more complex “how do we be as if not more productive than we were in the office?”.

We here’s a list of some tool, both big and small which might just help you and your teams be more effective over the coming weeks and months. We think that you’ll like some of them so much they’ll form a permanent part of the way you work!

  • 15Five – named after the 15 minutes it takes to complete a report and the five minutes it takes to read it, this gives either you or your team a macro analysis of performance each week.
  • Todoist – replacing your paper notebook is this smart to do list, which processes natural language to understand what priority your tasks are and when they’re due.
  • – different programs work for different people, so while this is another digital to do list, you can access it from anywhere, including a smart speaker, and it comes with a really clean, simple interface.
  • ClickUp – full-featured project management tool with native time tracking that allows your team to stay in sync on projects, deliverables, tasks, and processes.
  • Asana – a project management tool to help you stay on top of priority tasks, the Chrome extension allows you to create a workflow from any web page and share it with team mates instantly.
  • Timpler – another powerful, simple task manager, this one helps collect your thoughts throughout the day, organise tasks and schedule work for the future.
  • OKRs App – OKRs are the new KPIs, in that it’s a name for you to call ‘targets and performance tracking’, this app promises to make hitting them more likely by helping you stay on top of them.
  • Droptask – a project management tool that works by dragging and (as the name would suggest) dropping tasks into your workflow, it’s a user-friendly way of seeing all the moving parts of your business in one place.
  • Effortless – a nice Mac app which will focus your mind, simply set your goal, set a time limit, and go for it.
  • Slash– a productivity app that forces you to do one thing at a time, useful if you’re in the middle of something like a meaty search, get interrupted by a phone call, and usually struggle to get back to what you were doing, this app’ll sort you out.
  • Collect – a nice tool to request documents and data from your clients or your team. You can easily track responses and make sure you get everything back.

What are your favourite productivity tools? Let us know via the comments below and we’ll do our best to take a look and edit them in!

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