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hand writing in not book

email – check! Slack – check! Teams working from home – check!

Now you’re back to writing, consuming and editing documents but digitally, well it’s not quite the same as doing it with a green biro and some paper.

Here are some tools which our team has recommended as the perfect place to start on your digital journey into the written word!

  • Morning Reader – a website and app delivering top tech and blockchain news round the clock, useful for staying in the loop generally and for sourcing articles to share with your network.
  • Writefull – designed to augment research writing, Writefull compares and analyses anything you’ve written, lets you hear it being pronounced, and even translates text into English.
  • – I personally use this all the time, it’s a free program that automatically transcribes speech, which is ordinarily good for capturing meetings, but use it to record all those conversations you have with yourself and you could find you have a piece of original content, ready to share, that’s already been (mostly) written for you.
  • Enlight Quickshot – a photoshop alternative for mobile, it’s simpler to use than the desktop version, and means you can crank out quality vids without spending hours on them.
  • Insense Stories Video Editor– a free web-based tool that lets you upload video, trim it to fit Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat stories, and then send to your social media pages.
  • Trace, by Sticker Mule – instantly remove the background on any image, for free.
  • The Recruitment Rollercoaster Podcast– a podcast brimming with ideas for your branding, and great to pop on over a well earned lunch break so you don’t get too cabin feverish.
  • Hemingway Editor – for those moments you can’t ask the marketing person to proof read something you’ve written, this website will tell you how to make your copy better.
  • Weava Highlighter – virtual “highlighter” to help you gather colour code and organize useful information you find digitally

What have you found that’s great! Use the comments below to recommend and we’ll do our best to edit them in!

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