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Just because you aren’t in the same building together doesn’t mean any interaction with the team needs to be compromised.

WFH’s a great way to identify meetings which really could’ve been an email, and which are truly vital. For those, there’s plenty of resource available to you to keep communication flowing. Here are some of our favourites which may not be known to everyone!

  • Accompany – recently acquired by Cisco, Accompany provides in-depth information on a company in an instant, saving you research and prep time ahead of a meeting.
  • GoToMeeting – a simple and effective way to host virtual meetings, set up a meeting room, email attendees a link, and make sure you look smart from the waist up.
  • Houseparty – a group video chat platform, the app notifies you when friends and colleagues are online and jump into a virtual face to face hangout.
  • Phone Call Translator– naturally there’s a fee for this app, but it’ll let you call anyone worldwide, in 30 popular languages, to any device.
  • Meeting Owl – over 20,000 companies use this product and it’s easy to see why, a 360 degree camera makes your meetings a hoot and lets you reconnect with everyone in the room at once.
  • Muzzle – silences embarrassing notifications when you’re sharing your screen, so the WhatsApp message from your other half doesn’t pop up for your all to see.
  • Scriberia – offers a remote digital scribing service, which captures and distills meeting notes in a form that’s easy to share.

We’re sure you’ve got some excellent ideas to add as well! Use the comments below to let us know what else you think if brilliant!

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